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Move my site to 7.1?

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Site URL: https://lilyrothrock.com


I'm updating my website right now. Pretty large overhaul (I'm shifting my focus of my business). 

I've been on 7.0 since 2015 and have a legacy plan that's under $100/yr. It has some serious limitations (like no more than 20 pages), and I'm increasingly hating the editing user face. I've been designing client websites in 7.1 for a year now, and I really like how streamlined the design is. I am finding that I'm wishing my website was on 7.1. 

I know a lot of people here were pretty upset when 7.1 got rolled out,  and I'm wondering what people's thoughts are now. Has anyone come around and switched their own site, and decided to pay more for that? Has it been worth it?

I'll probably start a new trial and see how much I do like it, and decide in the next few weeks if I'll actually make the switch. 

Also--my site renews in November, anyone get a refund /credit from Squarespace for this kind of move?



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