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Can't display posts by collection

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I would like to display blog posts on a page by collection, then allow users to click into each collection where all the posts are displayed.

I would like it to display similarly as attached and wasn't able to achieve the effect using Archive or Summary content blocks. 

I have set up blog pages for each collection, for example, Interest, Costs, FAQ, Savings, and categorised each post into the respective categories.

Thank you 



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Can you could make those four seperate images? If you do then you can  put them on a page and make each image link to where you want it to go. 

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This is  doable, using category filters. This can be done using hyper- links. One for each cat. You can put them on seperate buttons as you posted or just simple text lines, or image.   You can highlight the word savings for example, turn it into  a link to your blog page and choose  what category in the blog you want. I do this a lot, both in my blog linking other posts,  and on my nav bar. I can also do it on my landing page, if I want. 

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Hi Derrick,

Thank you for answering this, much appreciated. Might i ask, do you know how to make the buttons as large as they are in the attachment? 

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