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need help with a few codes :)

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Site URL: https://www.unheardvisuals.com/

Site URL: https://www.unheardvisuals.com/

hey guys! my website is almost done, just have a few tweeks until it's good to go! i need help with some codes, i managed to find a code that allows me to seperate the english and french version of my website perfectly except for a few minor things, here's the list of things i need to change! 🙂

when entering the website, choose '' Francais ''

1- in the section '' Impression '' , under each image we reads '' From 65$ CAD '' i'd like to change it to '' À partir de 65$ CAD "

2 - when we click on an image , i'd like to change '' Add to cart '' to '' Ajouter au panier '' 

3 - in the '' contactez moi '' Tab , i'd like to change '' name '' and '' last name'' to '' Prénom ''  and '' Nom ''

hope someone out there can help me out! thanks you so much in advance 🙂

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