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How do you integrate social media into your website or brand?

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Building a social media strategy can be tricky, but once you crack the code, it can be so helpful in building and maintaining a brand. Posting on-brand content for your community can help validate your brand as well as increase recognition and recall. 

What are ways you have found it useful to integrate social media into your website and brand?

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On 2/15/2021 at 5:29 PM, JenniferRose said:

Create and schedule your posts in one place. Adding social sharing links to your blog posts will be quite helpful. You can also add social posts to your website.
Hope it will be helpful to you.

How can I track social media performance of posts that I have linked to it? Though I have scheduled and added posts, but I wonder where I can track blog performance?


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Social media integration gives your audience more ways to engage and interact with your brand. Social media integration helps accomplish a few key goals, including increasing your brand reach and awareness. It also encourages engagement with your website and helps build a bigger audience on social media.

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Social Media!  As an original blogger on Google Blogs, I was accustomed to high numbers of 8-10,000 a month (2007).  When I moved to Squarespace and blogged on my personal site with it (2014), I found it worked best to still blog on my Google Blog and leave the article with an unfinished, read more here and direct them to my SQS blog. When I still use that formula today my numbers jump way high from that google blog. 

For clients I encourage using FB now that you can post duplicates to instagram from there. For smaller business clients, I encourage posting FB/Instagram at least 4 times a week and scheduling posts. I have set clients up on a service that handles the posting, but I have personally never used them.  

Consistency is the key for higher numbers. From 2007 through 2013 I posted 6-7 days a week.  It does pay off.  Now I am a hit and miss.  (Thanks for reminding me!!!).   


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As we are all aware, social media is gaining a massive amount of popularity among the masses, be it professionals , children, customers , teens, etc. So it turns out to be the best platform to share your new business plan for integrating with people involved in it , to share your future product plans and its potential in order to attract the best interest of the investors , clients. For someone who is just an amateur in the business world, its the easiest tool to make a start and reaching out to  a wide audience who may stay loyal to your brand for a very long time but for which you need to have a way to communicate effectively to them through your networks and content , any interesting back story or incident that led you to come up with a business idea.

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32 minutes ago, ednaw said:

Most people would lean towards creating a diverse social media network of various platforms with the high expectations of generating leads and prospects. They'd scatter their content–casting a wide net in the highest hopes of catching someone.

Unless you're famous or lucky, social media is only ever useful for one thing: placing ads to gain huge amounts of traffic.

It's no wonder why Facebook ads are one of the most famous paid ads out there. And it's not that big of a surprise how many people are willing to shell out large amounts of cash for those with the necessary skillset to actually get campaigns that convert.

Other Facebook Ads alternatives like LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram all bear heavy weight because of the exact same reason why Facebook ads are booming–everyone is looking for a social platform to interact with and spend a portion of their day on. 

So, unless you actually have a well-established brand or authentic voice, the only real use you will really have for integrating social media to your website is minimal referral traffic, and purchasing ad campaigns.

I agree with most of what you've said but I think diverse social media networks are useful for those who're starting out too! Remember, you're not the only entrepreneur out there, there will always be the small chance that someone thinks of the business name you already have. Securing the handles for all relevant platforms is key if you plan on actually branching out to socmeds in the future!

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Consider that every piece of content you produce has a cost. There were companies that spend millions on getting likes, and the Facebook removed them. Whether Google of Facebook the goal is the same, affiliation of your business where they take a cut. If you want to see what I mean go and take a look at all the services that may NOT be sold via Facebook Shops.

Therefore my advice is to always prioritize your own business, if you are sharing content that has value on a social network as someone has mentioned with their Google blog strategy, make the post link to the nuggets on your own website domain. where you can commercialize the visitor in some way. If you are doing it as a passion, then that's different, I am talking exclusively about businesses that use Social as part of their strategy.

Also, know your demographic for who you want to attract. Every platform is slightly different - although not as diverse as what their media-packs would have you believe. Social networks are a vehicle for however you define them to be as part of your business. Define that first, and then match the social network with your goals and good luck.


We provide digital marketing services for businesses that need exposure/sales from search and social media networks. We also build incredibly fast and well optimised multi-language Square Space websites.
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On 2/10/2021 at 4:41 PM, Jo_SQSP said:

Building a social media strategy can be tricky, but once you crack the code, it can be so helpful in building and maintaining a brand

Yes social media strategy helps a lot work with branding and SEO issues, but not only in Squarespace CMS, how Squarespace helps? For example my Wordpress sites growing much better. 

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I think it is easy to get caught up in creating content and posting on social without having a clear idea of how the content fits into business goals. Before posting on social, I think you want to have a clear idea of your online business goals (SMART goals), and then you can identify how you want the content to help you get there. 

From there, you can consider your audience, the kind of information they find valuable, the creative that would resonate, and the best channel to meet them on. You also want to consider what part of the buyer's journey they are on. Some content is excellent for creating brand awareness; other content helps minimize confusion around a product. 

These are the key questions I think are helpful to consider around content (social included).  Because you want to consider destination URLs and so on, it can be very helpful to create a content calendar to keep you organized and on track. 

  1. What are your content goals?

  2. Who is your target audience (who are we trying to reach)?

  3. What is your budget for distributing content?

  4. What channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Google display, email, press releases, sponsored content etc.) will you use?

  5. What are your destination url(s) (blog posts, landing pages, services pages)?

  6. What is your key messaging? 

  7. Have you decided on your CTA’s "calls to action" (Sign up, Subscribe, etc.)

  8. What campaign assets are required (white-paper, free guide, etc.)

  9. Do you have creative assets sized for different channels?

  10. Do you have tracking and analytics in place?

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For your brand to be successful, you must use social media because it is much easier to popularize your brand through social media. When developing a social media strategy, you should be based on the brand's position in the market. For example, if you sell tuxedos and accounts on social networks, it should be in a minimalistic format, without bright colors, etc. If you do not know how to properly design social networks, you can contact https://nlosmm.com/; these guys are professionals. By creating interesting social media accounts, you can increase profits.

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On 11/23/2022 at 8:39 PM, LsaissLai said:

For your brand to be successful, you must use social media because it is much easier to popularize your brand through social media.

Exactly, a brand must be present on social media, it's just how it is and I don't see it changing in the future.

3 hours ago, BihanBro said:

Another essential is to keep an optimized site that looks good and is 100% functional on both portable devices and desktops.

It is amazing how many business owners fail to optimize their website for mobile phones, and it really makes a difference, for all the obvious reasons. 

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