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Products from Inventory onto the store?

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Hi all.

I've imported products from a Shopify catalogue to my Squarespace site and it worked a treat. All there cosy in my Inventory... Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them from the inventory and onto a product page? I've tried everything to my knowledge! 🧐


Thanks in advance,



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In version 7.1, you must create the Store Page, categories, and subcategories that imported products will be assigned to before you import the .csv file. In version 7.0, this step is optional, and imported products without a designated page create a new, not-linked page

  1. Create the Store Page, then enter the Store Page’s URL slug in the Product Page row of the .csv file.
  2. After creating the Store Page, create categories and subcategories. Categories and subcategories have their own URL slugs, and you’ll enter these in the Category row of the .csv file.

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I have a similar problem. I already have products in my inventory but can not seem to add them to the two store pages I have created, the only option from within the store pages are to create new products but that seems ridiculous and time-consuming since I already have the products in my inventory.

I am going crazy over this, have googled every possible search term for a solution to this.

Can someone help?


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