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"Product Page" error message when importing product variants using CSV template

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I am in the process of importing my products using the upload template CSV. Many of my products have multiple variants. According the the documentation, "you only need to enter the Products Page URL for the first variant."

When I leave the "Product Page" column empty for variants, however, I receive an error for each after import reading:

Product page not found
Make sure the URL corresponds to an existing product page

When I try filling in the "Product Page" column for each of the variants (I am using "shop"), the system interprets each row as its own unique product, and I have a bunch of unnamed products rather than variants. 

As far as I can tell after many reviews, there are no other errors within my CSV.

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Several things. The following spreadsheet is an example of products with variants. This file does import.

SS Products Variants Example.csv

Before you import, the Store page must already exist and the store slug needs to match the Product URL column.

If you have categories in your CSV and want them to be imported, you first need to manually add the categories to the store page.

Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks for the reply, a member of the Squarespace support team got back to me and it turns out my error was listing the Product Type as "PHYSICAL" for all of my variants, thus making the importer treat them as unique products. The documentation doesn't explicitly state that Product Type SHOULDN'T be included for variants, so I assumed that it should be. Hope this helps anyone having the same issue!

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