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Improving SEO

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Google checks the internet where they can answer Google searches, so content is the main thing. If there is no content available, Google won't see your website as a relevant source to answer someones question.

Important is to be niche. I assume booking a dinner/chef is a huge market, so try to be as specific as possible. Maybe focus on a specific area with a specific type of kitchen. 

So instead of focussing your SEO on 'privite dining', make it more specific by 'book cook for home vegetarion dinner Vancouver', which might be a Google search by ppl who are looking for this service. 

After defining your niche, some easy steps could be: re-naming your pictures on your website (f.e: vegetarion home cook preparing vegetable dinner) changing your Meta description (Looking for a vegetarion cook in Vancouver?), and re-write text that includes the words ppl might search for.

This trick helped me to gain and maintain the no1 position in Google for custom slipmats in the Netherlands (www.yourslipmats.com).

I understand that its a totally different market, but picking a niche market is the most important start in a competitive market you are in.

Hope this helps, and feel free to contact me in case of any questions!


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