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Is there any way to put a title on a gallery?

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How do I add a title to a gallery block. I'm trying add a horizontal element that has "as featured in" with 6 logos and I can't figure out a good way to do that.  Anyone out here already gotten there?



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This is amazing! Thank you! How do I change the font so it matches everything else?

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That helps! 😀

Add the following to Design > Custom CSS.

.gallery-grid[data-section-id="6012f6261314af07a1eefb8b"]:before {

  content : 'As featured in';
  display : block;
  font-family : ltc-bodoni-175;
  font-size : 22px;
  font-weight : 400;
  padding-left : 5.2vw;
  padding-top : 1vh;

This is a starting point the font and padding could be changed.

Let us know how it goes.

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There's no reason to need custom CSS to add a title to a Gallery. This function should be built right in the Gallery function. Personally I find these simple things super annoying that should have been part of SQS 7.1 from day 1.

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