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Change Subscription Pricing

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Site URL: https://www.tristarbincleaning.com/

We offer primarily subscription service on our site. We will need to adjust pricing at some point. Squarespace does not allow us to adjust pricing and affect existing customers' pricing.

Example: I have 100 customers paying $10 for their subscription. I want to raise the price to $11. The only way to do that is to cancel the subscription and create a new one. That WILL result in lost customers. Imagine if Netflix required customers to cancel their subscription and rejoin every time they had a price increase. 

1. Anyone… is there any way around this?

2. SS employees who may monitor this thread… this needs to be changed!  We need the ability to change subscription pricing (or change variants, etc…) WITHOUT requiring cancellation of services and creating a new one.

3. Unrelated to this, but a subscription related issue. Every order is a NEW order. NO! The first order is a new order. The second, third, fourth, etc… orders are not NEW orders. They are ongoing orders. This causes confusion when fulfilling orders and simply doesn't make sense. We would love to sit on an advisory panel to discuss how to improve subscriptions in SS.

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