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Adding a non-youtube video to the site

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Site URL: http://www.atmosphyre.com

Is there a work around way to get a video you make on the site? I don't want to use a youtube video. Seems like you should being that you can load videos on instagram? I can't understand why Squarespace doesn't have that capability. Thanks, Campy

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Hosting options for your video Before embedding a video on your site, upload the video to a supported external hosting service. Click the links below for help with this: YouTube Vime

You can use Vimeo (as it says in the block). I am sure there is a work around. 

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I have been trying to find the answer to this for hours. I even tried to make it into a gif but it said it was too large.


I just want to be able to upload a video like you upload an image without having to upload it from youtube.

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