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Google is crawling my nav menu twice every time

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Site URL: https://www.huffkins.com/

I'm working to improve the SEO on our website and have noticed that Google is crawling our nav menu twice on every page. I'm worried about how this affects keyword density, and also that Google will think we're keyword stuffing.


From what i can see, this is caused by us having a separate mobile menu. I can see when I inspect a page that we have mobile-folder-toggle and then folder-toggle which both list the same nav.


Is this normal? Or is there a way I can stop google from crawling one of the menus so we're not duplicating (and if so, which is better to hide from bots)?


Any help will be hugely appreciated!! Thanks 🙂

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Oh really? That's great news!!!

I've been trying to assess keyword density on pages we're optimizing, and it's really throwing it out of whack. I thought Google would be seeing it the same. 

Thanks for responding and putting my mind at ease ☺️

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