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Universal Filter is malfunctioning



Site URL: https://www.nickjewellery.com/shop

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased Universal Filter from SQUAREWEBSITES and installed it by injecting the code (Product 7.1) on my website, but it doesn't seem to be working properly.

My goal is for Universal Filter to filter our products as per Categories and Subcategories setup on the website.

After the installation, the filtering seem to work fine for a few hours only. See 'Screenshot A'.

After few hours the filtering picks up and shows the Categories in the Alphabetical order.  See 'Screenshot B'. 


<link rel="stylesheet" href="//assets.squarewebsites.org/custom-filter/custom-filter.min.css"/>
window.customFilterSettings = {
    'targets': [{
        container: '.collection-type-products.view-list .list-grid',// usually this is the right selectors for 7.1 Products, but you need to inspect as 7.1 is developing actively
        items: '.hentry',// usually products items across different templates still have .hentry classname
        settings: {
            showItemsCount: false,
            position: 'left',
            keepDropdownsOpen: true,
            customClasses: 'lite-dropdowns',
            wrapFilterContainer: true,// needed to prevent 7.1 Grid CSS styles for filter options
            simpleFilter: {
                show: {
                    effect: 'fade',
                    transitionDuration: 800,
                    stagger: 60
                hide: {
                    effect: 'fade',
                    transitionDuration: 100,
                    stagger: 18
            filter: {
                category: false,
                tag: false,
                items: [{
                    name: 'Category',
                    multiple: false,
                    getAttr: 'categories'
                }, {
                    name: 'Tags',
                    multiple: true,
                    capitalcase: true,
                    getAttr: 'tags'
            sort: {
                enabled: true,
                items: [{
                    name: 'Price',
                    order: 'asc|desc',
                    hideName: true,
                    orderTexts: '$-$$$|$$$-$'
                }, {
                    name: 'Alphabetical',
                    order: 'asc|desc',
                    orderTexts: 'A-Z|Z-A',
                    hideName: true,
                    sort: '.grid-title'// need inspect, because may be .product-title or some another selector
                }, {
                    name: 'Date',
                    order: 'desc|asc',
                    orderTexts: 'Newest|Oldest',
                    hideName: true,
                    sort: '[data-publish-on] parseInt'
            search: {
                text: '',
                enabled: true
<script src="//assets.squarewebsites.org/custom-filter/custom-filter.min.js"></script>


Have anyone had this issue? Any ideas where to look or how this can be fixed?

Screenshot A.png

Screenshot B.png

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If you're having difficulty with a third-party add-on, I recommend that you contact the publisher in the first instance. @michaeleparkour offers really great support for his squarewebsites products.

Hi, I'm Paul, founder of SF Digitalbuilding the features that Squarespace didn't include™, including a range of Squarespace extensions.
I value honesty, integrity, transparency and respect.
Links in my posts may refer to SF Digital products or may be affiliate links.
I ♥️ Squarespace. I've been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of the platform since 2007. 


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