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Two different Meta/SEO descriptions showing for my website when company name is searched on Google with and without spaces

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Site URL: https://www.workbyline.co.uk

My site has been live for a while now and all SEO fields have been filled in with the right descriptions. I have also re-indexed my site but the site descriptions are showing differently when searched in Google. For example...

1. You search 'Work By Line' (company name) with spaces and this appears - which is correct:


2. Then you search 'workbyline' with no spaces (as you would to search for an Instagram page) and this appears - which is incorrect and different to the above:


I am desperately trying to update the above so that the description when searched without spaces is correct - especially as this description shows a client name which we are unable to promote or disclose due to NDA restrictions! 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 


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Hi @css_charlotte - based on some quick Googling, it looks like at some point in the past, Google has indexed pages from the site both with the www prefix included in the URL and without. It looks like generally Google has determined that the www version is the authoritative version, but it is still displaying the non-www version, specifically in the second screenshot you posted.

In your Squarespace > Settings > Domain settings, did you chose to use the www or non-www version of your primary domain? Might be worth checking to make sure the primary domain is set to www.

Also do you have your site set up with Google Search Console? If not, we have a short guide to getting set up here: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-google-search-console/

Once you have Search Console connected, use the URL inspection tool to query both versions of the homepage and see if the results match what you want to display in the search results.

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Hi @edharris - thank you for coming back to me so quickly! 

I have checked my Squarespace > Settings > Domains and the www version is set as my primary domain. 

I am also set up with Google Search Console for the www version but have recently added the non-www version as a new property. When using the URL inspection tool for this property I get the following.... does this explain why it might not be displaying correctly in my second screenshot (from my previous post)?



Thank you again! 


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Hi there.

Assuming that all the SS settings have been followed you should read this article which will help you force www in Google Search Console, or without www.

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