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GIF not loading on website

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Hi, I tried to upload gifs on gallery. Each gif is less than 20MB. It seems to be able to upload on the gallery page but no icon image is shown and it doesn't load on the website. 

Here's the example below: 


Can someone please help me or let me know how to resolve this issue?

p.s My gifs have to be 1080p as it's portfolio showcase. 


Appreciate the help!! Thanks!!!


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It's difficult to troubleshoot this further without access to the images, but you'll normally see these symptoms when an image does not meet Squarespace's image requirements and cannot be processed by the platform after upload.

If it helps, the 20MB limit can be a red herring because large images, much smaller than 20MB, can fail to process due to their width or resolution. If you see the diagonal line after upload, and other standard images (max 2500px) are fine, then the images you are using may be unsuitable. For more assistance, consider contacting Squarespace Customer Care with details of the image(s). You can reach out to them here.

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