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Project draft mode and / or ability to move projects between portfolios

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Hi.  I am a new user.  I was pretty surprised to see that there is no draft mode on projects, which means a work-around, which isn't great, although I will have another chance to double-check my work... so I will reframe it as a review process I guess.  I really hope the next update will bring a draft mode and / or ability to move projects between portfolios.  It makes no sense to me why there wouldn't be a draft mode of projects, unless I am making my website in the wrong place (not being negative, just genuinely curious).  What is the typical context of a project in Squarespace?  This is a potential deal-breaker.  There are some functions that are common sense.  This makes me wonder what is happening in the project teams... Anyway, any tips are appreciated.  I guess I'll research some code solutions and workarounds and hope this is fixed soon.

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