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Minimum Order Amount by Country


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Site URL: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-and-overseas-goods-sold-directly-to-customers-in-great-britain-from-1-january-2021

Given the recent guidance provided as part of Brexit, oversees sellers selling goods to customers in the UK less than 135 GBP need to collect UK VAT at the point of sale (then track and remit directly back to the HMRC).

Earlier this year, functionality was added to Squarespace Commerce that allows us to set Minimum Order Amounts that customers must meet before they can complete check-out.

In order to make compliance with UK Brexit Transition Policy easier, it would be helpful if we could set a Minimum Order Amount by Country. This would allow me to impose a Minimum Order Amount of 135 GBP on orders shipping to the UK, while leaving a Minimum off of all other orders (the price point of my products range from $12-25).

Without this functionality, as a small business, I have to consider no longer shipping to the UK due to the administrative burden of VAT remittance.

Thank you for your suggestions and support of this new functionality request!

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i don't think you can set a minimum order amount by country. in Commerce -> Checkout, you can set a minimum order amount but it appears this applies to all customers regardless of where they are.

one solution i can think of is to set up a separate store just for UK customers, set the shipping there just for UK customers, and then set the minimum order amount. the thing is you'd have to maintain two sets of inventory, unless you use a third-party extension like Trunk.

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I also need this functionality. My current workaround is to add a $500 to my UK shipping costs and then giving UK customers a coupon code that reduces that by $500 that works for orders of $200 or more. It's not ideal because I have to communicate that to customers, but it's working for one-off situations.

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