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Building a Robust Return Policy


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I have been the victim of a lot of return fraud on ebay and I would like to know more about how I can build a better return policy for my company on Squarespace.

Here is how the fraud works. First off, I do not offer returns. So, if a buyer wants to get around that all they need to do with ebay is claim it was damaged in shipment. This just happened and it is clear the buyer damaged the item with a hammer and claimed it was from shipping. I have pictures to prove it yet eBay doesn't care.

So, lets say I sell things on my website. Can a buyer commit this type of fraud on here too? Do I have to accept claims of damage in shipment? Will squarespace intervene on the buyer's behalf?

As a small business I just can't offer the level of returns Amazon does. People get way too used to being able to return anything for any reason and it kills my bottom line even if I do everything right and package it perfectly with zero defects.

So, I still want to sell my art but I just can't take this level of risk exposure since this type of fraud is really popular as most companies will always side with the buyer.

Thank you for any tips and insight!

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