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Feedback on our sign up page

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Site URL: https://www.lifelongendurance.com/runcoaching

First time posting here so hoping I can get some honest feedback from all of you. We've been using SquareSpace for about 3 years and love the simplicity of the layouts (as long as we don't muck them up)!

I'm asking this forum for some brutal and honest feedback. Over the years our team has grown from our small husband & wife business and from one small sector of 1:1 Endurance Coaching to multiple sectors of business. Our bread and butter is 1:1 and I have some concerns that this page seems too long and too busy. So I'm asking for feedback on what you love, what you hate, and any feedback you might offer. 

Here are a few questions that might be helpful to answer for feedback.

1 - Is the readability any good? Do you naturally scroll or get frustrated/ distracted?

2 - Does it seem easy to sign up, does it make sense to have the pricing options at the bottom?

3 - Are things too cluttered, busy, and disjointed?

4 - What's missing?


I'm excited to get your honest feedback as people outside of our industry. Would you sign up if you put a marathon or race on your calendar? Does this inspire you to sign up or do you get frustrated and leave?


Andrew Simmons

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NIce site, however you are doing the same thing that many Brine Family/7.1 users do. You have a learn more button in your header. Your header is large, fills the screen and the Learn More button is prominate. If a viewer clicks it then they will not see the rest of the "first page" so to speak.  Add a down arrow to the learn more button so visitors will scroll down. Those intros to your business will be very attractive to visitors especially first time ones. I suggest you make the available coach options a big green button as opposed to a line of text. I have always thought it is more effective to sell the sizzle first and then people will order the steak. 


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Derrick -

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as daft. When you say down arrow - is this a content block I'm not seeing or are you referencing something like a markdown where I wrap things in a tighter package and give them the ability to "see more" and then expand on things if they choose?

If you have an example it might help me get it.


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1. Your site on mobile has very long content. You can consider adding a back to top button.

2. (Mobile) The order of image, text.. in "Get to know the Coaches" section is incorrect. 

3. (Tablet) Home layout doesn't look good. If you check, you will see. (Overlap text Personalized, performance, coaching - learn more buttons not align, Log in text in header break to 2 lines, same for navigation,..)

4. (Tablet) About page. https://www.lifelongendurance.com/about

Training Options list doesn't look good.


I think you can check all pages on Tablet. You will discover some problems.

If you need to fix this, let me know, we can help.


Email me if you have need any help (free, of course.). Answer within 24 hours. 
Or send to forum message

Contact Customer Care - Learn CSS - Buy me a coffee (thank you!)

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Hi Andrew,

Here's a few of my thoughts:


I love the presence of imagery - I feel it reflects the mission of your brand well - running endurance training. 

However, with regards to answering your last question about whether if I would buy in if I had a marathon or a race on my calendar, that's where I get a little bit confused about the target audience of your brand.  To me, the current imagery (filled with people quietly running through a vast landscape) makes me think more about recreational endurance running (running on a trail on a summer evening after work, etc.) and maintaining an overall healthy individual lifestyle.  If that is your target audience, then I think the imagery works.  But if your main audience (or at least a large portion of it) is triatheletes and competitive runners, the imagery does really not conjure up thoughts about competitive running. 


Site Readability/Intuition

This seems to be the common theme running through your questions above, which tells me it's one of your biggest areas of concern.  In glancing through the site, I agree that this area is the one that could use the most improvement.

Here's my thoughts/tips:

  1. Graphic Hierarchy
    • Having a few large and bold elements is good as they help a reader keep their bearings, navigate, and not get lost in the site (sort of like landmarks in a city or directional signage in an airport).  However, in the current design, I feel there are too many big and bold elements (I'm mostly referring to the text).  As a result, there's not really a graphic hierarchy - too many elements are competing for my attention and I'm finding my eyes jumping around the page a bit and not really reading through the site in sequence.  The high quantity of big text is also causing me to skip the smaller descriptive texts that are really the meat of what you're selling.
  2. There's a lot of text styles, and they aren't always used consistently
    • Going through the site, I'm counting about a dozen or so different text styles (really big, sort of big, medium, small, really small, each having different combinations of bold, all caps, regular caps, black, teal, white, gray, etc).  Same goes for buttons - there's black buttons, teal buttons, blue buttons, white buttons, etc. From a visual design standpoint, limiting it to no more than 3 to 4 styles is a general rule of thumb.
    • To subconsciously help readers intuitively navigate, it would also help if individual site elements (headers, secondary headers, body text, links, buttons, etc.) maintained consistency throughout the site (for example, all buttons are white text on a teal background, links within text are simply teal text, BIG BOLD ALL CAPS reserved for section heads only, a consistent normal text for all body text, etc.)    
    • A great example of limited text styles and consistent uses would be apple.com - there's only about 4 text styles through the entire site and there is a clear, intuitive hierarchy and consistency of headers, subheaders, explanatory text, blue links, and blue purchase buttons.
  3. The visual alignments, spacings, and proximities of related elements could use some polishing (Again, apple.com site is a great precedent to go off of).  The current inconsistency contributes to the graphic hierarchy and eyes jumping around issue I spoke of earlier.  (Note: this is more of an issue when viewing the desktop and tablet layouts.  It's not so much of an issue in mobile/phone layout since everything stacks vertically.)   Examples of a few items I spotted:
    • Alignments
      • On the /runcoaching subpage the text within related groupings of items sometimes jumps around between left and centered justified.  Also, components (blocks of text, images, etc.) within the page jump around as well (sometimes it's on the left, sometimes it's in the middle, sometimes it's on the right).
      • On the /store subpage, the content alignments and text block locations jump around a bit. For example, Curated Coaching has four purchase options spanned across the width of the screen.  Then the 1:1 Triathlon section has the purchase options on the right side, with descriptive text on the left and the top.  The Monthly Packages section also has the purchase options on the right side, but the point at which this right-hand justification starts takes on a different alignment than the Triathlon section just above it (quarter of the way across the page vs. one-third of the way across the page).  Then moving on to the event training section, the alignment of the purchase option reverts back to the one-third position.
    • Spacings & Proximities
      • Some buttons have different justifications and locations than the text they are associated with. For example, the read reviews button in the site footer is on the opposite site of the page from the description about reviews. On the /runcoaching subpage, the learn more buttons for coach profiles on the run coaching page are also on the far righthand side of the page whereas the descriptive text is on the left.
      • Some pictures have close proximity to the text, whereas others farther away, despite the same having categorial relationships to their text, for example, on the /reviews and /curatedcoaching subpages.
      • Proximity strategies should also apply to text.  Also on the /reviews subpage, it's not immediately intuitive which author is associated to which testimonial since all the lines are equally spaced.  Something as small as adding an additional line break between testimonials could make a huge difference.
  4. Content Width
    • Viewing on a desktop, the content is a bit too wide.  Most people on desktops these days have 22" to 25" + screens, myself included as I'm reviewing your page, I find myself needing to physically turn my head as I read across the page. 
    • I would suggest adding some side padding the desktop version your site layout to squeeze it into a narrower format.  It's sort of the same logic of how novels, text books, newspapers, and magazines use a narrower format and columns of text.  It's much easier for people read when they only have to move their eyes a little bit before going down to the next line.

All in all, it's a solid site - just needs some visual polishing.  If I were a hardcore runner, I'd consider signing up for sure.

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You guys rock. totally blown away by this community with a simple ask. Sitting down with it this week as things are VERY quiet between now and the new year. Thanks! I'll post and tag you guys once we've made updates to get some additional feedback. Looking forward to make things go from good to great!

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25 minutes ago, engila33 said:

I would like any perception to this. I even have a lightbox button on patrickgarr.Com/education under private education that says “follow here” that I would really like to hide after I am no longer accepting applications.

You should start your own thread ,  make a new post,  and put a link to your site. You will get useful responses if you do. 

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