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Overview of B2B Digital Marketing Courses
Digital marketing for Business to Business has a huge potential globally. The B2B
market is growing continuously since consumer demands have been evolving
throughout the year. “Digital marketing is the top area of marketing spending for 56%
of B2B marketers in 2020”. Bringing in new tactics, tools, and technologies will
overwhelm B2B marketers and keep the marketers from effectively meeting the
growing demand,
What is B2B?
Business to Business "B2B". The term includes all companies that produce products
or services made for other companies, such as SaaS products, B2B marketing firms,
overall business supply companies and others.
Here services and process of business to consumers is often misunderstood with
business to customers "B2C". Because here, Business to Costumers model sells
products or services directly to customers. Digitalization of marketing and sales
processes of these industries can help enterprises to reach their customers in a more
effective manner. Many people are unaware that the B2B sector has a broad scope and
has opportunities across the globe. The marketing automation market size to grow
from USD 3.3 billion in 2019 to USD 6.4 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 13.9% from
2019 to 2024. Many people are unaware that the B2B sector has a broad scope and
has opportunities across the globe.
B2B digital marketing
B2B is a broad sector where image building in digital version is significant to reach
out globally. Besides, digital marketing saves a lot of time and money spent on
acquiring new clients. Hence all business to business sector owners opts out to digital
marketing. The market is witnessing a shortage of skilled professionals who can guide
users to get better results from web analytics solutions and can convert them into
actionable insights and information. The reports from companies such as
grandviewresearch.com is there to read.In this blog, let us see some B2B digital marketing courses. Digital sales and
marketing course is a trending skills to learn. This course comprises of advanced sales
and marketing strategies for digitisation.
Do you know, the expenditure spent on Ads declined up to 50% in 2020? The
previous era's methods such as cold calls, direct visits, business cards are no longer
useful since COVID-19. Henceforth all industries lead generation is possible with
digital sales and marketing only. Now let's see how to do a b2b business marketing
Need for b2b skills for b2b business marketing
Learning intends to acquiring essential skills and bringing them into practice. B2B
business development and marketing course is not rocket science but needs industry
experts' hand holding to guide you the process.
Here is why a classroom course comes to rescue. A real-time session on B2B digital
sales and marketing skills can enable a person to understand, plan, entitle, implement
and reevaluate the outcome. Thereby generating return on investments.
How to study?
Today, there are different modes to learn digital business marketing, this
A) Online courses (Recorded sessions) – The video based or
recorded session
where a skills training program where a trainer or facilitator gives detailed
information and tricks to the audience on the subject. These specific videos are
promoted and given together on a particular package is Online course with recorded
B) Online classes (Live) – A live session on the subject matter is delivered through
google meet, Zoom etc. where a student can ask a question and the facilitator can
respond immediately. This type of session will be remote. And also in front of
live-audience; hence anyone from anywhere can attend on a mentioned day and time.
C) Classroom sessions - This is a traditional method of learning a skill where a
trainer or coach will explain and demonstrate skill in front of a live audience. In face
to face sessions, the audience interaction with the coach as well as with other
participants is possible.
D) Course-works & workshops - In course-work, choose a subject or title in which
a student will have to do research and work on a specified area and submit their
learning as material.
Course providers for b2b digital marketing:
Learning intends to acquiring essential skills and bringing them into practice. B2B
business development and marketing course is not rocket science but needs industry
experts' hand holding to guide you the process. Here is why a course comes to rescue.
B2B digital sales and marketing skills can enable a person to understand, plan,
authorise, implement and reevaluate the result accordingly
1. B2B Marketing and networking
Our training is case study rich, practical in outcomes
and focused on the genuine areas where we know you
want to grow the most. We have best in class B2B
consultant trainers, who work within our ideology,
use our models and lean on our huge experience in
the market.
B2B Marketing training is offering six different course topics; they are account-based
marketing, customer experience, content, planning and strategy, martech and lead
nurturing/lead generation. Besides B2B copy writing, developing compelling ABM
value proposition and power up for profit with better sales enablement courses.
2. The postgraduate program in B2B
All the marketing sessions and programs are
intended to offer our students with the skills, tools,
concepts, and practices that they may require to be
customer-oriented business leaders, while being
thoughtful and ethical.
IIMA offers two compulsory courses in marketing in the first year of Postgraduate
program, and second-year students can choose an elective course like Business to
business marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Technology, Customer-Based Business
strategies for digital marketing and e-Business and so on.
3. Linkedin
By investing in ongoing digital marketing training and
the right online marketing courses, talent development
professionals and marketing managers can overcome
this challenge. Rather than fighting the competition to
find marketing unicorns in the job market, you can help
existing employees overcome these skills gaps.
Marketing courses offered at LinkedIn learning supports mufti-discipline programs
that includes content marketing, data analytics, strategy and social media—thus
enabling students to become marketing manager, digital marketer, content strategist,
digital advertising specialist and SEO expert respectively.
es4. Online marketing institute
OMI works with you to assess proficiency and
knowledge gaps. Customised training programs
help employees master the critical marketing
tactics and strategies that drive business growth.
Online marketing institute offers certifications on analytics, mobile marketing, social
media marketing, think like a CMO and real estate. Besides they also provide series
and webinars on updates certification is offered by industry leaders. And students can
customise their schedule and complete it on their comfort.
5. Forrester
Forrester helps B2B marketing leaders advance
and motivate their teams to create customer-led,
cutting-edge marketing strategies that lead to
measurable impact on growth and retention.
Forrester offers B2B marketing and B2B marketing associate program. This program
covers B2B Marketing In Today's Business Landscape, Target Personas To Develop
A Winning Go-To-Market Strategy, Uncover The Nuances Of The Buyer's Journey,
Leverage The Demand Unit Waterfall To Measure Performance, Design An
Audience-Centric Campaign Approach and Calibrate B2B Marketing Measurement.
6. Digital marketing institute
The Digital Marketing Institute delivers unparalleled
learning experiences. Gain an internationally
recognised digital marketing certification. Develop
your digital skills and advance your marketing
Digital marketing institute offers a professional diploma in digital marketing,
postgraduate diploma in digital marketing, certified social media marketing specialist,
certified search marketing specialist, certified digital strategy and planning specialist
and masters in digital marketing include vital marketing disciplines from PPC to SEO,
analytics, social media and more.
7. B2B digital marketing course
With an intent to transform an Average to
Best-in-class, this is a course-work that trains
you with an agile learning process. The
course-work not only transform the learner to
be employable but also enable the learner to
do her / his skills profile to fill the gap with the
job profile / Job Description / Market demand.
B2B digital marketing course is taken by expert coaches in the field. It offers
specialised course-work for individuals, executives and entrepreneurs. Besides it also
offer MSME program.
Online B2B digital marketing and multiple course providers:
1. Simplilearn
Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing will help
you gain a deep understanding of digital marketing
strategies and expertise in the most widely used digital
marketing tools and channels. Through real-life
projects and virtual simulations, this digital marketing
certification program will help you master various
in-demand digital marketing skills.
2. Udemy
The course is hugely interactive with projects,
checklists & actionable lectures built into every
section. Learn step by step how to market a business
online from scratch across all the major marketing
channels. Follow the steps on screen to get results at
work, for own business or for your digital marketing
3. Coursera
The Social Media Marketing Specialization is designed
to achieve two objectives. It gives you the social
analytics tools, and training to help you become an
influencer on social media. The course also gives you
the knowledge and resources to build a complete social
media marketing strategy – from consumer insights to
final justification metrics. In each course, you will also
receive special toolkits with timely information & when
you pay for the Capstone, you receive a market
planning toolkit.
4. Greatlearning
The curriculum has been designed by faculty at
Great Learning and leading industry leaders. The
teaching, content and projects in the course are by
world-renowned faculty and other practicing
management professionals from leading
5. Upgrad
Complete all the modules successfully and receive a
Post Graduate Certificate and Alumni Status. Join a
vibrant digital marketing community and become
part of one of India's top marketing universities.
6. Fita
Seeking for the best platform to learn Digital
Marketing with advanced concepts and
techniques? Then, join Digital Marketing Course
in Chennai at FITA where you can learn in-depth
about the recent tools and techniques that are
used in the Digital Marketing industry with live
projects under the guidance of Real-time
To Summarize
Here I am suggesting 10 criteria to choose the right institute for you. There are many
more institutes to learn B2B digital marketing however before signing up for a course.
Research about the following list before enrolling.
1. Institute’s specialization, B2B or B2C
2. Fees and instalment (According to your budget)
3. Duration of the program and credits for the same
4. Your convenient method of learning
5. Methods of course work (Theory in practice)
6. Assessment standards - If any pre course assessment or post course assessment
7. Coach or facilitator’s credibility
8. Certification accredited
9. Mentoring support
10. Post course completion support
And so on. “Remember digital marketing is not free, Its not cost effective too. The
trick is how well we do it” Hence your investment for learning supports the strong
flow of income generation. This can ensure a value for your money and a real benefit
of learning.
Asha Tarvadi
Linkedin Profile
Jan, 2021
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