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Trying to git push to my live site with some very minor changes, it is removing the site CSS



This has never happened before with squarespace, using git push to push some very minor changes to my live site is not taking effect, and when I make small changes to the site .less files the css disappears sitewide.

at first I thought that maybe I was pushing some bad code, but upon further investigation I saw that there was nothing wrong with what I changed. on site.less I changed the background color from white to blue. On a different file, on a .block file, I added an extra list item to an already existing list.


background-color: white !important;
  	background-color: #AADFFF !important;


To me this looks a lot like a cache problem, and upon further inspection I saw that this had happened with before for other people when they pushed to their site, However they did not appear to get a clear answer. Does anyone know how to fix this? or how to clear the site cache on squarespace?


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