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Squarespace page editor - constant lagging and other issues

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I've been using Squarespace for many years, but in the past 3 months or so I've really noticed an increase in the number of issues in the page editor/builder. I've tried in both Chrome and Firefox and it makes no difference. I've also tried it in both 7.1 and older templates and the issues remain.

Examples are:

  • Insert a spacer block and have to wait 10 - 30 seconds before I can move or edit any other blocks
  • Tear-drop insert points just not showing or showing in the wrong place (like in the center of a block, rather than at the edges)
  • Unable to shrink or expand the size of a spacer one moment, but then can a few moments later
  • Ability to edit a page simply goes away and I have to save or discard changes, then refresh the page and then continue.

Does anyone else feel like they are constantly waiting for the page editor and it is slowing down your work flow?

As someone who often spends 4 - 6 hours a day building Squarespace sites, I for one can say it is driving me crazy!

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We are definitely having this problem as well. We have several people working on our website, all in different locations, all having the same issues. It is actually costing us money because it takes our hourly workers so long to do simple tasks, such as adding a block. On Black Friday I could not load the page editor at all. I gave up.

Have you submitted a ticket? I will do so today.

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On 12/2/2020 at 5:26 AM, Naomi_ said:

We are definitely having this problem as well. We have several people working on our website, all in different locations, all having the same issues. It is actually costing us money because it takes our hourly workers so long to do simple tasks, such as adding a block. On Black Friday I could not load the page editor at all. I gave up.

Have you submitted a ticket? I will do so today.

Hi Naomi. Sorry for the slow reply. It's been a busy time!

I did not submit a ticket, frankly because I've brought it up with Squarespace staff before and basically just get the "thanks for your feedback, but it's working fine for us" or "we will pass this along to the development team..." and then NOTHING changes.

It sure is frustrating! Today I have to wait 10 - 20 seconds after every single time I add a block. During that time I can't select another block or edit anything.  Argggghhh!

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I am having the exact same issue. It is unbearably slow and site is taking forever to load. I noticed it with several other sites on squarespace. My internet is running fast and it's the same whether I'm on Chrome or Safari.


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Sorry to pile on, I have not only speed/slowness issues but a hard time placing blocks. This never gave me any trouble up until a few months ago (seemingly at the same time some updates came through). 

Creating columns by placing text blocks next to each other seems all but impossible. Although the indicator (vertical or horizontal line) indicates while dragging the block the landing zone is right next to some other block, it invariably places itself above or below - not next.

Additionally, the handle to grab a block (small black rectangle in middle top) does not become visible when I click/highlight/activate a block or hover over it. The only way to show that handle seems to click the right top corner first (in case of a text block that shows 'text' in blue).

Very frustrating.

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One of the ways to speed up the editor  is to make sure it is the only window open in your browser. Give it all the resources that you can. Close out any other program that is also using the web, FB is a bandwidth hog, and  streaming while working could easily kill the editor. When having these issues you might also run a speed test to narrow down the issue, config problem or bandwidth problem. I run this one:



I use an offsite image manager to sort my photos for uploading to squarespace and when it is open I have to be patient. I found I can speed things up if I drag the photos I want to my desktop and upload to SS from there with the image management softwared closed. 

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@derricksrandomviews makes a good point. If your computer is limited on memory then lagging can be a huge issue. I've seen literally 15 to 30 minute sluggishness periods when memory constrained computers try to keep up with modern computing demands.

Now if the only time you have issues is when editing SS sites then perhaps there is some SS issue going on. But if your computer display sluggishness at other times, time to get more memory perhaps.

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I'm having problems similar to @joosty but slightly different, though both are buggy editor issues:

1) Ever since the new blue editor, it's often impossible to wrap text around an image. You pick up the image, but he rectangle no longer appears when you drag down, so you think it hasn't worked, but then you save and refresh, and it has indeed wrapped.

2) Also when making text edits and then saving, it sometimes looks like the text has been input twice. It's happening across all browsers. I made a video showing it happening here:

It seems to be happening mainly when you delete a block and then save.

Anyone else experiencing these two issues?

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  • 3 months later...

I've had all of these issues as well. Plus edits not saving, Firefox showing error messages when trying to load the back end of sites too. Site content not loading.

  • Having no custom code in sites makes no difference.
  • Clearing caches makes no difference.
  • Firefox, Chrome and Safari all having issues.
  • Having other tabs/windows closed makes no difference.
  • Having Adobe CC closed makes no difference.
  • Having fewer browser plug-ins and extensions makes no difference.

Working on an 8 core newish MBpro with 64GB RAM, a 1GB internet connection with newish super fast router and modem... yet all these lags.

This has been going on MANY months and is ruining my work flow and thus impacting my income.

Contacting support brings no real results. I get emailed  support articles filled with info I already know and steps already taken.

Please fix this Squarespace.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 11.05.08 AM.png

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Working with Squarespace is becoming increasingly cumbersome. I too have experienced the issues mentioned in this thread, they are not caused by custom code or browser plugins. Additionally from the top of my head...

  • When editing the site using Firefox the links on my website don't work most of the time, I get a blank page.
  • Searching for Unsplash images in Safari is broken.
  • Google Maps don't show up in Google Chrome.
  • Trying to save a blog post occasionally causes an "Item Not Found" or a similar error.
  • Moving blocks has become complicated, the line to drop a block over the full width of the page is not showing up.

Please fix this Squarespace.

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I'm having similar issues too when working in Firefox on 7.0 and 7.1.

  • blank pages after saving
  • cannot save errors, "Couldn't Save Information"
  • unable to move blocks
  • page reloading after trying to edit a block

Very frustrating!

Please fix this Squarespace.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Similar issues, I've discovered it gets slower the longer I'm working on my site, I'm waiting 8 seconds to have a typed word show or to save the change. There is a huge lag but once I log out and wait a few minutes, log back in it seems to reset the editor speed back to normal but will start slowing down again after a few minutes. I thought it might be just too many people using the same server but it doesn't matter what time of day or night, the same thing happens. Just wondering if anyone noticed the same timing reset after logging out and back in?

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  • 7 months later...

Yep, sooooooo FRUSTRATING! I'm noticing it on the new poduct editor, I didn't like it at first but now I think its a good editior, BUT, its taking 20/30 seconds to respond when clicking on anything! And also loading product pages. I expect it is the same thourgh the whole website editor.

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Just a couple of thoughts to throw out. Try restarting your browser. And for that matter every other device under your control. Computer, hubs, routers, wifi, and etc.

If every piece in your chain to the network is restarted and all at once and you immediately have issues. How's your network speed? Do you have issues with other content you are perusing?

How's the memory capacity on your computer? If you're like me you have many things running at once. If you don't have enough memory then things will struggle. Try killing all the apps except for the browser. Also close all but the bare minimum of windows/tabs to the task at hand.

The idea here is to try and work out where the problem actually is. It's too easy to fire up SS, have a problem and blame them. When what is going on may be a symptom of another issue.

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Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that finds the editor incredibly frustrating.  My computer is basically brand new and even after trying some of the steps mentioned above, I'm editing in 7.1 and it's constantly lagging and I'm finding myself needing to refresh the page multiple times to make really simple edits. It makes me a little nervous to see so many people having the same issue and as far as I've seen, Squarespace hasn't made any solutions. Starting to think building sites for clients on here isn't such a great idea after all.


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I'm having this issue with my new site.

Speed was great at first, and gradually got more cumbersome. Now it takes a minute to edit a line....

My images are all reduced file size, and I followed all tips on keeping the page low memory. 

Page load time is reasonable. 

The editor is just gradually becoming impossible. 

I have used function + f5 to clear the page, thinking it solved the problem, but it has become less and less helpful over time.


This has been a known problem for 2 years?

What. the heck?

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