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What's a good directory template/ plugin? NOT community box

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Site URL: https://www.sliim.org

I'm having trouble finding a good directory plugin I can use for Squarespace. I used community box and have been having endless problems with functionality and accessibility. Is there another site similar to it that works better? I can't seem to find anything about directories for squarespace.

If you go to my site and go to Find a Practitioner, you'll see where the directory loads. This is a super important aspect of my site and business. I really need to change this ASAP. Thank you

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On 11/30/2020 at 8:45 PM, NatashaP said:

Hi there,

I Created a Directory on Squarespace using a blog and archive block.
I created a blog for every business listing with the info and a map on that and had the archive list there for people to select the categories they're after.

Hope this helps! 


Hey Natasha, 

Do you have an example of how your directory looks like? I'd love to know how you used the archive block. Thanks!

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