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Facebook Not Importing Squarespace Variant Data - No Size or Color Options Available in FB and IG Store


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When importing inventory into Facebook commerce via the data feed "Variant" data is not recognized by Facebook. Thus my Facebook and Instagram shop show no variants such as Size and Color variants. Has anyone found a solution to this?

I found a solution to the inventory not being recognized and showing items "Out of Stock".  To resolve that you have to create a rule in Facebook in the data feed (coming from Squarespace). Set the rule to "Inventory" and a number 1 or higher. Then your products will be in stock. 

Trying to resolve the variant issue now. 

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I've run into the same problem. I did the same thing to handle the "Out of Stock" issue but I really need the variants to be recognized for shopping on Instagram and Facebook. Let me know if you come up with anything and I'll do the same.

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