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Archive block disappearing and reappearing for no reason

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Site URL: https://www.compas.org/artists


We're an arts education provider and use our web store as a catalog of hirable artists. We use an archive block at the top of the page to allow users to sort the "products" by category, but in the last 24 hours, we've had some weird issues with the archive block. On the backend editor, the block will sometimes show up as completely empty (see attached image), and on the front end, it will disappear completely. I was unable to get a screen capture of what the page looks like when the archive block is missing, but I've attached an image of what it should look like. Is this a known issue? Anything we can do about this?

Thank you!



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I am having the same issue. It occurred today (3April21). Everything was working well for the past year. I have one Archive Block for filtering Categories and second one for filtering Tags for my products.

Archive Block with Tags is still working properly, while Archive Block with Categories just stopped recognizing product Categories, showing the message "This blog has no content yet...". Please see the attached image. I am trying to work something out to fix this but no luck so far.

I didn't touch the Archive Block or make any changes that could caused this issue. What could possibly happen and have you managed to fix this anyhow?

Thank you!


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I'm having the same issue as well. I contacted tech support, and after stripping out some custom css at their behest, and waiting until they said they's fixed it, it started happening again. I changed templates, and it still happens. The only thing that makes it work is to log in to the website, and change the display of the archive contents. Then when it happens again, change it back to what it was before!

This is a real pain, and happens with or without custom css.

Has anyone found a solution please?



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I contacted support as the blog archive continued to be rendering blank on every browser I tried. Occasionally the content would appear, but then would disappear again. It appears they were able to resolve the issue for me by initiating a re-index of the site and "zapping" the cache, whatever that means. They said this ensures the most up to date information is displayed on the site. 

I thanked them and asked them how I can re-index the site myself if this happens again.  I was told "these particular settings are only available to do on our end" and that I would need to reach out to them if I experience the issue again. 

So if you experience this issue again, ask support to re-index your site and clear the cache.

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Is anyone else still having a problem with archive blocks not functioning? Pretty much all of the archive blocks on my site are not working. Squarespace Customer "Care" told me " I can confirm this is related to an issue with archive blocks on our end. We’ve reported this to our Engineering team, and they’re currently prioritizing the issue." but this has been an issue for many months. 

Is anyone else still experiencing this issue and have you found any workarounds?

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On 2/2/2022 at 6:43 PM, Conejo Joe said:

Is anyone else still experience this issue?

Yes, this is a known issue. Archive Blocks are still becoming disconnected from their data source and so disappearing on sites. It happened on client sites again this week (Feb 2022).

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Two years later and still an issue. Here's the latest response from Squarespace Support. I'm not going to hold my breath.

Archive blocks: 
We’re currently investigating an issue with archive blocks periodically disconnecting if it is pulling a large amount of content—thanks for reporting this to us. Our Engineering teams are prioritizing a fix for this as we speak.
For now, try reconnecting the archive block to the page. You may also want to try deleting and re-adding the affected archive blocks. To be clear, this is a temporary workaround, rather than a permanent fix for the issue.
There are many variables that we test against before we release a fix, so we can’t provide an exact timeframe for a resolution. We can’t always follow up personally when a fix is released due to the volume of reports we receive for this issue.

Site search: 
I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing trouble with your site search as well. I'm afraid this is also an issue on our end with site search not yielding results consistently. Our Engineers are also working toward a fix here. 

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