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New To Website Building. Need All The Help I can Get

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I am new to squarespace & and the world of website building. For the last couple of months I have tried to build my own site with no real luck. It's clearly time to hire a professional. What does that really mean??? 

Within Web Development you have many different services  that are offered and at all different prices. How do you know you are not over paying? 

Also since I am not up on my Website terms or services. 

What is the difference between a advanced website design vs classic?

If I wanted to sell merchandise would that be advanced? or is that a totally different service after the website is created?

When the developer builds the site for you, would they connect it to social media? Or is that also an additional charge?


Thank you in advance for any and all help you can give me. I can clearly use guidance 

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Big Picture: What are your goals for the website?

Do you want to write blog posts and share them with friends and family? This would call for a very simple website with a home page, maybe a few images, and a blog/news/updates section for your readers. Once this simple site is set up, all you do going forward is create new blog posts, maybe update your images every now and then.

Or do you want to sell products/ services? This is more advanced, as you need to set up and connect external services that will allow customers to input credit card, Paypal, or other payment information, include images for all products. I use Square and Stripe for payment processing and point of sale transactions.

Regarding website terms, you can find a template online. It's just a disclaimer for people using your site. Are you collecting their data? Are you doing anything that a user might want to know about? As you're starting out, it's good to be aware of website terms / policies but it shouldn't be a barrier to start creating a website. You can worry about it when the website starts to grow.

In terms of paying a professional to build your site, you can hire someone to build your website and hand over the keys (login info, etc) or you could hire someone on retainer to both create and maintain your website. All depends on your budget and how often you think you'll need to update the site.

Hope that info helps!

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Did you ever find someone to work on your site? I am in a similar place as you, meaning I'm not quite sure what type of service/professional I should be looking for and what is an appropriate fee. I tried 99designs but so far it seems those designers mainly work on big projects only and my project is small. Good luck and let us know what you find! - Anthea

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6 minutes ago, Anthea1570048092 said:

I'm not quite sure what type of service/professional I should be looking for and what is an appropriate fee.

Hi Anthea

Can you explain what you need, either by posting here or by direct message? A link to the site always helps 🙂.

If it's small request we may be able to help you via the forum. If it's slightly larger then a Squarespace Expert may be able to help. Not all of them work on big projects only 😀. Here's my profile.

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Thank you for your response. In this last year I have been creating landing pages and it is important to me that the first thing a person sees when they click on my ad, i.e. what is at the very top of the page, is the particular service I am offering at the time, not my name, address, etc. Because my main website, that I created years ago, is using the Montauk template, I wasn't able change the heading on one or two pages, to make those pages my landing page. So, I have been creating a new website (with a different, more flexible template) every time I want to create a new landing page because that was the solution I could come up with. What I would like to do is combine everything in one website AND make it look better. I really liked my original website but over the years whenever I have tried to make changes I seemed to have degraded it a little bit aesthetically because I didn't have the time to make sure I was doing it right. It's not that I am stuck, I'm sure I could do all of this myself, but it takes me forever so that is why I am considering paying someone to do it. Also, at some point I might want to work on SEO, but that is for a little later. I hope that all makes sense!

main website: www.antheacolossio.com 

one of my landing pages, they are all about the same, just the problem treated is different: womenshealth.antheacolossio.com


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