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Adding automated gift card after a purchase


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If Squarespace allows the manual creation of gift cards, it might be possible -- and you'd have to create the free gift card manually. As it is, as store owner, you can't even use gift cards as a promotional tool because you'd have to buy the gift cards from yourself  -- the "solution" I was given back in May when I asked why I can't create gift cards to give away (which, IMO, was a ridiculous solution).

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  • 2 months later...

@JRBrick - right now, it appears like buying the gift cards from yourself is the only option. it's ridiculous, though. you shouldn't have to buy from yourself in order to generate gift cards you intend to use for promotional purpose or for donating to a cause. but that's the solution i was given by Squarespace customer care several months ago. right now, i do discount codes + a free shipping code when i'm doing giveaways.

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agreed - not very user friendly on merchant side. What if the winner of a gift card doesn't want to use the entire amount? the generated discount code cannot maintain a balance 



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