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Images not showing up in google search

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Site https://www.fjord.photography/

Did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem. Gallery images DO NOT show up in search engines, period! It is not an SEO problem! Squarespace say that captions and title descriptions are alt tags but they definitely are not. One coding blogger said that the problem was the way galleries are coded, to load fast, but they don't get indexed. He said it is due to 'lazy loading' of images (only when needed). The code needs a <NOSCRIPT>..</NOSCRIPT> to load lazy but also to allow search engines to find the images.

Is there a solution to this yet?

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I have a similar problem too. I have a photography website with a portfolio of 20 images and only a few of them appear on Google. The worst thing is that I created my first blog post 2 months ago, optimized it for SEO as best as I could and not a single image shows on Google. There are 100 photos in that post and each one has its own custom file name and its alternative text. I spent around 3 hours just doing that, but to no avail. 

I contacted them and they replied with a generic answer, blaming Google's algorithm, and suggesting some Squarespace articles that I had already read.

I'm worried because I plan to keep blogging but it will be kind of useless if the images don't appear on Google...

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Same here... It might be because of how the images are loaded and how they show up on our sitemap xml file. If we're using Image Block vs Gallery:

In sitemap, there are probably three fields for images: image:loc, image:title, image:caption, and they either have Squarespace placeholder text (if using Image Block), or your gallery title for each image (if using Gallery to upload).

Unless I'm wrong, Google doesn't like placeholder text and prefers description sentences that a human can read for each image. So if using Image Block, in order to change placeholder text in sitemap we have to add image caption/description - that little field below the image.

Unfortunately, that caption/description text is too small for a normal human to read, and we can't edit the font style in any way. And we can't hide it. BUT it will show up in our sitemap, so our image will have our caption instead of placeholder text, therefore better SEO.
*It would be nice if Squarespace had the sitemap read image's alt-text field instead.

I have over 100 digital paintings uploaded and only a few show up on Google, Bing or DDG, so it's obviously not a search engine problem. I think it's the sitemap and how search engines see it.

Squarespace has been pretty responsive at least, and usually helpful. Their reply is this workaround, but they stressed that it's a temporary fix and they're working on a solution:


"If you temporarily change the layout of the image block, from inline to a layout that displays the placeholder text such as collage, you can remove the text. After you have removed the text you can change the layout back to inline and the placeholder text is gone."

I haven't found the time to do this yet but it's worth a shot.

PS: check your sitemap and look at the last time it was updated. It should auto-update frequently as you make changes to your website, but mine hasn't updated in a while so I'll have to contact Squarespace support to force it again.

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Can anyone confirm if their images within a gallery, and not being indexed by Google, actually show on their sitemap.xml ?

I raised a ticket with Squarespace support back in September 2021 as my sitemap.xml wasn't showing any image data on certain pages.   I asked for an update yesterday, and to be blunt, it was like talking to a brick wall.

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I am having this issue as well. I indexed all of my pages with Google Search Console over a period of time. I saw all of my images show up in Google Image Search results, but then they vanished over time. My pages show up in regular Google search, but not Google Images. I wonder if Google reading the sitemap is causing the images to get kicked out. Any solutions? Searching for this seems to show others have this issue, but not so much it has any solutions anywhere. 

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Like wise have this issue which we have only just discovered but this is enough of a concern for me to pull the plug, we run over 25+ sites and this feature is extremely important for those selling a service and showcasing their work in a gallery view etc. I have reach out to Squarespace support and will let you know how we go. Not happy!


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I may be on to something with this code to try and disable lazy loading, but it needs to be tested.

No promises, but let me know anyone.

const images = document.querySelectorAll("img");

images.forEach(img => {
  const noscript = document.createElement("noscript");
  const newImg = document.createElement("img");
  newImg.src = img.src;
  newImg.alt = img.alt;
  img.parentNode.insertBefore(noscript, img);


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13 hours ago, noahawaii said:

Here's a version that provides an HTML snapshot to search engines. As long as your content doesn't differ between the HTML version to search engines and what a user sees, this may be the solution.

It needs testing. Comment if it works after reindexing.


$user_agent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];
if (preg_match('/Googlebot|Bingbot|Slurp|YandexBot|DuckDuckBot|Baidu|AOLbot|Ask Jeeves|Sogou|Exabot|facebot|ia_archiver|Yahoo/i', $user_agent)) {
    // Serve the HTML snapshot
} else {
    // Serve the dynamic version



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We are encountering the same issue with our square space website. It has been over two years and none of the images in the gallery are indexed by Google. Google has only indexed a few images from the homepage.  This is incredibly frustrating because we have many images in the gallery and throughout the website. Has a solution been found for this or is this an inherent square space problem that is unsolvable? In which case I guess I need to move platforms?

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