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Quantity box disappears

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Site URL: https://www.tremblaysweetshop.com/brittle/p/43po0d7xhg2jzw5imzdldhshrwyh5i


Password is tremblays

The quantity drop-down box is automatically present as long as my products have at least 1 variant. My products with no variants (see above link) have no quantity option. If I add a variant to these products, the quantity box shows up with them. When I remove the variants, so goes the quantity box. I saw some posts about toggling a quantity option but could not find it anywhere. Thank you 

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This is because you are only showing one item in stock.

This is the default quantity for any product or variant that you add, unless you change it. If you increase the quantity in stock, the quantity option will appear.

The variant issue is a red herring, because when you add another variant, you are adding another item, making the stock '2'. ūüôā



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