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letting site visitors create simple profiles

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Site URL: http://letsyuck.com

Hello Squarespace community... I am super new to this and was wondering if any experts could help with something simple I have been having trouble with. 

I have a simple site, and I want to create a page where "customers" (air quotes because I will not be selling anything) can create a a simple email profile with a password. On their profiles, I just want a savable document.

Here is the flow:

-user comes to the website

-goes to the profile page

-signs up with an email

-logs in

-sees a blank word document that they can edit and save every time they log in

I am on the business plan and was having some initial trouble here. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Top Posters In This Topic

This isn't currently possible on Squarespace.

Hi, I'm Paul, founder of SF Digitalbuilding the features that Squarespace didn't include.
I value honesty, integrity, transparency and respect. Links in my posts may refer to SF Digital products or may be affiliate links.
Squarespace. I've been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of the platform since 2007. 

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On 10/16/2020 at 3:57 PM, paul2009 said:

This isn't currently possible on Squarespace.

Since this site doesn't sell anything, would your wish list plugin be useful for this, Paul? Or can the viewer using the wish list not add any notes at all? A plugin to make this possible would be very handy for a lot of us, if it didn't replace the shopping cart.

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