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Google Ads not working due to Malware

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Site URL: https://secondchanceagency.com/

Hi all,

We can't run google ads to our website due it flagging for malware. I have reported this to Google and asked them to highlight which files are causing the problem but due to Covid limitations on their services they haven't got back to me.

Could you please advise the best way of detecting and removing the malware and taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again?


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Hi Guys,

I am still getting these ads rejected. I got the following message from Google;


Hi Conor,

Greetings from Ads. Hope you are doing good.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed response. In this time of COVID-19, we hope everyone in your family and friends are safe.

Summary: Links for malicious content on domain.

Query: Ads Disapproved under Ads Account: 6891266166.

InvestigationPost receiving your request, I have re-scan on your account, please find their observation below.

The latest scan from your website came back, and  detects still Malicious links are present on the website which are potentially harmful to you and your site visitors. Below are the links that we have detected.



  • ‘imggmi[.]com 


Here are the few affected URL's:

1) https[:]//secondchanceagency[.]com/

2) https[:]//secondchanceagency[.]com/academy-futureproof

3) https[:]//www.secondchanceagency[.]com/about/

Please respond to this email after making the suggested changes with the help of a web developer so that I can get the website re-scanned on priority for you.

Note: Please note that as a precautionary health measure for our support specialists in light of COVID-19, we are operating with a limited team. Thanks for your patience, as it may take longer than usual to reply/process.

Google Ads Team

NB: If you need to reference this support ticket in the future, the ID number is 2-8156000030657

Can someone help??


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This is a very frustrating situation not least because Google is very hands-off when it comes to telling you what the problem is and that even when you speak to Google Ads a support technician might be able to tell you everything is all fine and then the robot comes back and finds the error.

We have had a situation like this before and it was actually due to a third-party code that was running on a website that Google had deemed to contain code that could be used for unhealthy purposes.

IE It was nothing to do with the ads at all.

Therefore in this situation the first thing I would advise you to do is stop all third-party codes from running on your website. Google code will not be a problem. After you have done this, request a review of your ads and see if that fixes it. If it does, then you can find ways of re-adding the codes one by one back into your pages.

You might also check to see whether you are running any out of date libraries, for example JQUERY updated quite recently and I know that this caused a number of wordpress websites to go offline.

Frustrating, I know, but you should be able to fix it.


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