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Moving a store from 7 to 7.1

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Hoping someone might be able to help. I'm having to move to 7.1 as we've hit our product limit (200) on version 7 and wondering if anyone had any advice:

Additional Description Fields

I've been able to export the product catalogue csv from the old store and get it on the new site but it doesn't seem to include the additional description fields... It seems the CSV export doesn't support this, anyone come across an automated way or tool to pull this data?


The squarespace support docs state that thumbnail images can't be readily moved between 7 and 7.1, which is excellent news, but the old store exported CSV does include image URLs. I've noticed that for a handful of products the 7.1 site seems to have pulled the images down off the 7.0 image URL and automatically added them? I've had a look at the old store CSV and it seems that for some products the 'Hosted Image URLs' doesn't include the '.jpg' extension at the end of the address, and in these instance it's pulled images across? 

So my question is, can I go through the csv and remove the '.jpg' extension and rely on squarespace to pull across the new images and keep them safe in 7.1, or will they disappear when the old site subscription is ended? It seems to me that the new site actually copies and stores the thumbnail as it creates a new image URL for the site, which means I hope they'll be safe.

Please note, what follows below is a just a series of rants and bugs I've come across during the course of a painful day using 7.1.

And Squarespace team if you read this, crikey, the move to 7.1 is AWFUL, truly terrible, how you can release a new version with so many new features but totally forget about your existing user base on 7 is beyond me, your product team should be ashamed to put their names to this. Asking users to create a new 'trial' and manually move content across is laughable, I get that designs etc will need to manually redone, but defined content types, blog posts, products, checkout forms etc, such a poor experience for your customers. Oh, and I don't know if this is intentional trolling on your part, but simply incrementing the version to '.1' for such a car crash of an upgrade process doesn't feel right, you should at least have called it version 8 for something that needs so much effort to upgrade to.

Ah, and also whilst I'm still here and ranting - Mobile devices and category navigation, your solution is to remove the accepted and user friendly drop down filter menu and instead "Category navigation displays horizontally for shoppers to swipe through." You do know most traffic comes from mobile devices? Do you even have a UX team anymore? Bonkers.

Ah, another edit for the Squarespace team - Having to reorder every single product manually within the store because like everything else in the 7.0 > 7.1, there isn't a supported method, top work again. I tell you what's even better than having to rearrange your items in the store once? Having to reorder the same items again and again as you drill down into individual categories as they don't retain the overall store product order. Surely this must be a beta? Nothing this poor could be knowingly shipped to prod and charged for at full whack? I'm feeling particularly salty though as for the last couple of hours I've just been greeted with various 503 and 504 errors trying to edit the site, rock solid stability also a key feature in the new version as well?

Ok, yet another edit. Deleted a bunch of items earlier, logged back into the site and guess what? Greeted by all the previously deleted products in the product list again with a 'Deleted' badge next to them. That's odd as it's mucked up my product sorting, I'll try to delete them again, phew, they've disappeared. Log out and log back in, and hey presto, there they are, back from the dead reappeared and cluttering up the UI and product lists. 

Ah, and another edit. Trying to find an item so I use the product search, for some reason it won't bring up any 'live' products, it will only search within the list of phantom 'Deleted' products. Seriously? Has 7.1 even been through QA? Squarespace, would it help if I wrote all the bug tickets for you? I've come across all this and a bunch more glaring bugs in about 8 hours of use today. 

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