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Is dynamic pricing possible?


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Site URL: https://example.com

Is it possible to offer dynamic pricing?



We offer landscaping services and we want to charge people different prices based on the size of their property.


Right now it seems that the only option squarespace offers would be to provide packages such as:

1000-2000 sqft = $500

2000-3000 sqft = $1000


But this is not ideal for us.


We want to do dynamic pricing, where the user can enter a number of square feet, say 3,426 and we can calculate the price such as 3,426 * $1.15 per square foot = $3,939.90.


It doesn't seem like this is a possibility even through their API.


We tried using the quantity field, doing something like:

Product price = $1.15 per square foot and the quantity = 3,426 and then we can use JavaScript injection to change the field labels from saying quantity to saying square feet, but this doesn't work because Squarespace only allows people to add up to a maximum quantity of 500.


It seems like our only real solution may be to embed our own custom checkout form in an iFrame using something like Stripe.


I wanted to double check if with the forums in case I am missing something before I go ahead and implement our own checkout process.

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