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Display a monthly Appointment Calendar?


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Hi all,


I am trying out SquareSpace as a user friendlier option for my wife who is setting up a venue for community workshops.

I would like to display a monthly calendar showing what workshops are available, something similar to the calendar within SquareSpace but allowing upcoming workshops. I have set the workshops up in the appointments area so that tickets can be purchased.


I can't find anything in the help pages, is it possible to do this?


Many thanks


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Thanks Sarah,


I found a guide on setting up classes as a service product in the store.


I have implemented that as it allows multiple bookings which the scheduling did not. It can also be used as a link for events.


For now though we will do the events in Facebook and use the Facebook plugin to show a list. It's a pity there is so little customisation on the FB feed but it shows the events and a buy ticket link to the product page so it will do for now.


Thanks for your help!

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