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Local Dev Server error: GET /local-assets/site.css -- 500

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Hi there,

I'm a software engineer that is just messing around in Squarespace for the first time, and I just set up my local dev environment only to hit an error right away:

GET /local-assets/site.css -- 500

I looked around to see if anyone else was experiencing this... and it doesn't look like it. 
If I push my latest and check out the GUI editor, that seems to be working fine (updates are registering), but the local server is not building the site.css file... what gives? 

I noticed in the documentation there is some mention of the site.css file:


"According to our page on URL Queries, typically on a site you can append /site.css? and see all of the CSS. This doesn’t work with the Local Development Server."

Then, immediately after that:


"This will only work when using the Local Development Server. Otherwise, please use what is stated on our URL Queries page."

So even though that is a little confusing verbiage, I am assuming that this line: 


only works for local dev.

Next, I checked that address to see what would happen and I got this:

 Line Statement ------------------------ site.css:794
.newsletter-block { site.css:1207 .mixin-programmatically-focusable-form-elements();
ExecuteError MIXIN_UNDEFINED: Failed to locate a mixin using selector .mixin-programmatically-focusable-form-elements

Mind you, I haven't added any css yet. So, I assume that the blank dev template has some issues within the LESS that need to be sorted out... but I don't have access to those files to troubleshoot.

So, now I'm thinking either:
A) The local dev server is having trouble pulling the correct files.
B) The files being pulled are corrupted.

My gut is telling me to start over with a blank template... but I don't want to get into the habit of doing that with future builds. Does anyone have experience with this?


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I am having a similar issue. Locally, none of the styles for my site are building and I am getting a completely unstyled page for all pages of the site. So I cannot update templates locally and test before shipping to production. When checking the console, I see a 500 for a request being made to http://localhost:9000/local-assets/site.css (local-assets directory is not in my project repo) -- I assumed this is something that Squarespace compiles from less in the npm package or from server and whatever local stylesheet I am building... because that file is nowhere to be found locally in the repo, nor is the mixin stated in the error message I get when visiting that asset path in the browser:

LESS Compiler said:

 _______  _______  _______  _______  __
|       ||       ||       ||       ||  |
|   _   ||   _   ||    _  ||  _____||  | 
|  | |  ||  | |  ||   |_| || |_____ |  |
|  |_|  ||  |_|  ||    ___||_____  ||__|
|       ||       ||   |     _____| | __
|_______||_______||___|    |_______||__| 

Line           Statement
site.css:1819  .newsletter-block {
site.css:2232      .mixin-programmatically-focusable-form-elements();

ExecuteError MIXIN_UNDEFINED: Failed to locate a mixin using selector .mixin-programmatically-focusable-form-elements

I did not see this a couple days ago. As of last week... everything was working. I came to make some updates yesterday and discovered issues that have made it challenging to make updates to the site I am working on.

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SOLVED: Hey everyone! I just experienced the same 500 error for the site.css file.

I am using Firefox Developer Edition.

I struggled to figure out the issue so I went to the console to poke around. Like some of you, I did locate this error under the Style Editor tab in Firefox's Dev Tools.

This one error broke the style sheet from compiling properly.

Essentially, the OOPS notification is an indication of where you should look for an error in your base.less stylesheet.

As you fix these errors, any additional errors present in your file will also appear.

For me, it was the extra "0" value that was causing an issue. Once I corrected that issue, my style sheet compiled without issue.

The funny thing, is that my text editor did NOT pick up on this error, even though I have linting enabled for LESS.

Anywho, I hope that provides some clarity.

I would also recommend keeping the Style Editor panel open so you can catch any issues right away.

If you are using versioning control, such as Git, perform a git diff to determine what changed and this will also help spot minor issues.


<article>LESS Compiler said: <xmp>

 _______  _______  _______  _______  __
|       ||       ||       ||       ||  |
|   _   ||   _   ||    _  ||  _____||  | 
|  | |  ||  | |  ||   |_| || |_____ |  |
|  |_|  ||  |_|  ||    ___||_____  ||__|
|       ||       ||   |     _____| | __
|_______||_______||___|    |_______||__| 

Line            Statement
site.css:10151  @lightgray: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0, 40%)

ExecuteError ARG_COUNT: Function rgba requires at least 4 args, found 5 


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