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Site URL: http://www.whoiscooper.com/

I built a new website. Looking for advice for any one item below. 

  • What could be improved? Page, element, design, copy, whatever you think. 
  • Should something be added? Is there something to be desired that I'm missing? 
  • Can something be removed? I generally prefer to cut rather add (which I've done a lot of already). Is there anything you think could easily go? 
  • I'm lost on the navigation design. It just doesn't feel right, but not sure where I can improve. Any advice? 
  • The site is slow, a lot of code, any glaring things that are slowing it down?

Input on any of the above would be appreciated, and doubly appreciated if it's an improvement on something which isn't mentioned above. 

Thank you. 

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@whoiscooper Love the landing page. The way your image captures the audience says it all. Great first impression.

If you have an Instagram account, maybe add that to the landing page, somewhere your fans can see behind the scenes, and follow your creative process.

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@whoiscooper Ooooooh your homepage banner is SO FUN!  Love the image and animation effects.  I think you're off to a great start.

There's this great air of mystery when you first arrive on the website - I'd love to see you continue that theme and make sure that at every turn, the website entertains as much as it informs.

A couple quick ideas:

  • Simplify the header navigation - try combining some sections.
  • Under "Master Mentalist," consider a collection of quotes - you have so many good ones and they would be impactful en masse.
  • Try the subtitles in sentence case, not all caps.  (Looks great on the H1's, but in general all caps is hard to read for some visitors so try to minimize when you can.)

Again, great job so far!


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