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I can't seem to get my POP-UP to pop-up. I have gone through all the settings and still it wont appear. Any advice?

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It's popping for people who've not visited your site and either not clicked the cancel button or subscribed.

I assume you as the site owner have canceled or subscribed. That causes some information to be stored in localStorage. If you click cancel then a timer is set and the pop-up wont show up for a bit so as not to annoy site visitors. If you subscribe then you don't get the dialog again.

As a site owner how can you test the site pop-up?

There is the hammer approach which is the use the Reset views. That basically sets everything back to ground zero as far as the promotional pop-up (ppu). Folks who have seen the ppu before will see it again. This a great if you have changed the contents of the ppu in a substantial way.

If you are testing for yourself then you'll want to delete some information stored in localStorage. Go to the URL for your site. Put the following in the address bar of your browser and hit return. Some browsers will delete the "javascript: " at the beginning. If your browser does that, type it back in.

javascript: localStorage.removeItem ( 'squarespace-popup-overlay' );

Now reload your site and wait a bit. The pop-up should appear.

As an alternative you can create a bookmarklet in your browser with the above code as the URL or address.

Let us know how it goes.

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5 hours ago, Iwan said:

i can't see it popping up anywhere!

First try viewing your site in private browsing. Does the pop-up pop? Give it a some seconds as they don't pop immediately. If it does pop then you know it's working.

Also if it does pop that most likely means you saw it and dismissed it and your settings are such that it won't pop or won't for some amount of time.

To reset the pop-up see Creating a promotional pop-up - Reset Views. Keeping in mind that reset, resets for everyone. Which may annoy site viewers.

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On 4/22/2022 at 11:41 AM, Iwan said:

I've created a promotional pop up but i can't see it popping up anywhere!

As I don't have access to your device, I can't troubleshoot why it isn't working for you (it could be a pop-up blocker, cookie settings, an old browser and so on), but if my screenshot below shows the promotional popup then I can tell you the popup is working for visitors! 🙂


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On 4/24/2022 at 2:25 AM, Iwan said:

I've tried all your suggestions I still don't see it. Is there anything else I can try please?

If you tried the private browsing and it still didn't pop then I'm thinking pop-up blocker or some other situation as paul2009 suggests.

Do you have Adblock installed? I've never had mine block an SS pop-up but you never know.

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