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Digital Products over 300mb in size. Is there a workaround???


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On Squarespace, the file size limit for digital products is 300MB. If you are using Squarespace's Commerce features, the only workaround is to host your large files securely on another platform that supports larger files. For example, Google Drive lets you upload files up to 5TB in size.

Then create a simple text file such as "readme.txt" that contains the URL for the file and the password (if required). You can then upload this small text file to Squarespace as the "digital file" instead of the "product".

If you have lots of digital products, you may prefer to:

  • integrate Shopify Buy Buttons into your Squarespace site, instead of using Squarespace's built-in commerce features. Shopify supports digital products up to 5GB in size, and allows you to limit the number of times a customer can download a digital product.
  • integrate Ecwid Buy Buttons into your Squarespace site. Ecwid supports digital products up to 25GB in size.


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Is there no plan to increase this file size limit?
Even a music album in high quality surpasses the 300mb limit. An while a smaller file size might have been of benefit 10 years ago. Now days it's just not an issue. The only limitation is squarespace.

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Hi everyone - 

I just encountered the same problem and found a couple solutions that may work for some of you.

If you need to reduce video files, one program you can use is Handbrake. This is a free video-compression program for both Windows and Mac, and it's amazing at reducing file size without reducing quality. The resulting videos look exactly the same as their originals. Here's a video walk-through of working with handbrake, including which settings to use, where it exports to, etc: https://youtu.be/nnipCQPd0fw

Second is a website called https://www.freeconvert.com/ which offers a bunch of file-compression tools to reduce file sizes of almost any kind of media (videos, audio files, pdfs, jpegs, etc.). On their website under Tools > File Compressors, you'll find all the file types you can compress.


If you need to compress videos like I did, in the Video Compressor tool (https://www.freeconvert.com/video-compressor) they allow you to define the target output size (in our case, 300MB), and not only did it work like a charm (my video went from 606MB to 287MB), the video quality also looks great to me - honestly can't tell the difference between the original and the compressed one).

I think you can do a lot on their site for free (e.g. I was able to compress 5 x 600MB+ videos for free), and if you need to do more it's only $9 (for a 1-month subscription).


Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 12.21.58 PM.png

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+1 for Handbrake. I've used that app and it works well.

Also if you can handle hard core command line Un*x tools then you can install ffmpeg on macOS. Don't know about that on Windows. Lots of examples on the web for various conversions with ffmpeg. I used MacPorts to install ffmpeg on my Mac. MacPorts is also fantastic by the way. I use ffmpeg to convert my QuickTime screen recording .mov files to .mp4. for a substantial reduction.

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With this new digital "sell anything" update, this file size limit really needs to be lifted. I can't sell any of my products under 300MB. Taking people out of the store to another site, making them download a txt file is just too extra. Please raise the file size limit at least a minimum of 2GB. 

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