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All my sites on 7.0 hanging on mobile

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I would strongly suggest anyone who has a site on 7.0 check their site on mobile.

I have found all the 7.0 sites that I manage have a BIG issue.

The homepages load fine.  But go to the menu and navigate to another page and there is a 10 sec hang before the next page begins to load.  I have emailed Squarespace about the issue and i would advise anyone else who is having problems to do the same.

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For your information, I don’t see any issues on any v7.0 client sites currently. Of course, this doesn't mean that you aren't experiencing a problem, but it isn't affecting all sites.

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I tried telling support about this on Friday but they said they don’t see an issue on their end. For me it’s only certain websites not all but is also effecting some 7.1 websites as well and not just on mobiles. The most notable slow downs seem to be with commerce.

I’ve tried multiple devices, browsers and even ISPs and the same websites are consistently having the same issues.

The best thing to do is tell support and hopefully they will start to look into it. 


Just tried support again and they won't look into it because on their end everything is working fine and to be fair their screen recording do show this but their experience is certainly not the same experience I am having. I've tried 5 different devices, 4 different browsers and 3 different ISPs and the same websites are consistently having problems.

It is interesting to note that there are no issues when viewing the websites in the backend of Squarespace or when viewing the websites with the built-in Squarespace domain only when viewing them via a custom domain. 

I wouldn't exactly be wasting time trying to get this sorted out if there wasn't a real issue.

Update 2

I've just tested a fourth ISP and the problematic websites suddenly load normally again. But when I went back and tested with one of the other three ISPs I experienced the slow loading again. So it could be an ISP issue however it is strange it is only affecting a select number of websites. 

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Interesting that it worked on the fourth ISP.  How strange?  I'm talking to SS at the moment and like you they're not seeing an issue.


This does indeed seem to be an ISP issue.  I use Virgin Media 200mbs at Home and all devices on my home network have the issue.  However using THREE UK 5G no problems at all.


Very Odd! 

Thompson i'd be interested to know what ISP's you tested that were giving you problems?

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So the following ISPs had issues:

  • Andrews & Arnolds
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone

The following worked:

  • Sky 
  • o2

If you try using your build-in Squarespace domain to access the website they should work fine. To me this would point towards something not being right with Custom Domains. Of course support then directed me to contact my domain provider but it seems unlikely that numerous domain providers would be having issues and only on certain ISPs. 

It may be pure coincidence but the issue seemed to present itself after Squarespace implemented 'fixes' last Thursday and Friday. Of course, I may not have noticed before then as Sky is my primary ISP.


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