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Category-based discounts on the new Store Pages


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Question for those of you who have upgraded to the new Store Pages and previously had category-based discounts: what are the options now for discounts? I have a number of category-based discounts in my current store and have not upgraded my store yet (received an email yesterday that mine will be automatically upgraded on October 8th) because of this + I don't know how much the upgrade will mess up my current set up -- several Shop pages to work around their current limitation of 200 products per shop page.

What's been your  experience with the new upgrade? Did it also change the product links? If you had several shop pages set up, what did the upgrade do to those shop pages?

I'm pretty stressed out about the impending forced upgrade when a crucial feature like the category-based discount isn't available...which doesn't make sense -- and it wouldn't be an upgrade/improvement IMO if an upgrade will break my store 😞 Emails with customer support this past week have been stressful; I asked if my store can be excluded from the upgrade because it's bound to break my store when my discounts stop working (which would mean upset customers, lost customers, lost sales!) but the response I got was that nope, they can't stop the automatic upgrade and was given the solution to let the upgrade happen and then when my store is broken, email them to roll my store back to Store Pages 1.0. So basically, let the poop hit the fan first. Not happy.

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The new product pages supposedly support category-based discounts now. However, it's broken -- I get a cart error when I try to run more than 1 instant/automatic category-based discounts on 2 different shop/store pages in 2 different categories. Removed those discounts and the cart works fine. I reported this 2 days ago and have not yet received a response. Not happy with customer support. I see Squarespace commercials all over the place and I would think they could put more money in towards providing faster/better customer support.

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This morning I discovered that someone from Squarespace created an automatic category-based discount in my store to test the problem I reported to them. The problem was they didn't disable it after they have tested it! This happened while I was still asleep and I woke up to emails from customers saying they couldn't check out. Now I have 2 little girls and all morning I have been taking care of them. Just got a break a few minutes ago to check out the problem. I had to disable that discount that was created so my cart would start working again but who knows how many sales I have lost because of this? To say that I am upset is an understatement.

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Yes, it has. Although you cannot run more than 3 automatic category-based discount at any given time. SQSP support I've been in talks with hasn't gotten an official reply from the engineering team but she guesses it's intentional. 

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