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How can I disable fall back image from appearing on desktop at the beginning



Site URL: https://www.orcasoundproject.com/


I have been trying all the coding I could find around but none seems to be working for me. The fall back image keeps appearing at the beginning of the video on desktop version and I would like for the video to play on its own.

This is the website: www.orcasoundproject.com


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Give this a try. Design -> CSS

[data-section-id="5f68c5b6ef095d17b79d6939"] .section-background {
    background-color: navy !important;


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If you head to my page (link in signature), there's a link to my codepen. I think I have something called fallback delay, or something similar to that.

It hides the fall back image for a few seconds while the video loads, so you don't get the flash of the image as the video starts.

You will need to set the background color that you want, because that is what you will see as the video loads.

If the video fails to load, the fallback image will show after the timer runs out. It should work, I don't think squarespace has changed the class name for the image, but I haven't tested it recently.

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I have tried to put the code in CSS and in the advanced-code injection-footer and it is not working. Do I need to put it in a different place?


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It has worked! Thanks a lot. 

How do I add a colour background before the video? I have chosen a dark colour on the settings panel on the header section, however it keeps showing a white background before the video starts playing or the fallback image appears.

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Perhaps i am missing something - I go to https://codepen.io/r-w-p/pen/xxZeRMq and there is only JS code.  Squarespace requires CSS. Please advise bc my fall back keeps showing on desktop too. 

Side note - since adding a fall back for mobile, my mobile won't play the video at all. Any advice?

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