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How to hide code blocks for anchor links in a page

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Site URL: https://www.leticialaing.com.au

Hello I have no experience in HTML or anything and I just want some anchor links on one page to the FAQs.

Every time I put a code block in it says "This is where it jumps to" or something like that and honestly why on Earth? It looks awful and it's doing my head in.

I have zero idea how to fix it. So annoying.

Like the instructions to instal anchor links in a page don't mention "Oh by the way you'll have hideous chunks of confusing font throughout your beautiful website if you want to follow these instructions for anchor links in a page." kill me now.

If anyone can spell out to me what I need to do, I'd be so happy to listen.

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Hi Leticia, 

If you put this into the code block 

<div id = "sectionName">

changing the sectionName for the id you want to use. These won't display any text on the screen.

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