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Manually Adding Products to Google Merchant Centre


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Hi Folks,

I know integrations with Google Shopping and Squarespace are a nightmare, but I've read it is possible to do it manually, though Google searches were light on detail. Has anyone done this? If so, what is the process? 

We have a number of products which we don't expect to run out of very often, so a dynamic feed isn't essential for us. 


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Top Posters In This Topic

1) You can setup an automated feed using my application

2) You can create a Google Sheet, simply go to Google Merchant Center > products > feeds > click on the plus sign > choose Google Sheets > then choose template and build up your feed

3) Use Webcrawler, but you need to have structured data on your site

Each of these has there benefits and negatives. I recommend researching all 3 before committing as you may discover roadblocks on certain methods.

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