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Update inventory with Google Sheets

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Site URL: https://www.enfiletonmasque.com

Hi everyone,

I am wondering how to connect a Google Sheet to Squarespace Inventory.

The goal is that Sheets gets updated each time someone purchases an item. And Squarespace product inventory gets updated each time I change the value in the Google Sheet (when I sell products through a physical store).


Lets say I have products with two size (M and S). I would like to create a Sheet, looking as follow.

product name M S
Raph 50 12
Rosie 2 37
Titi 26 16
Travis 6  
Le Président 24 32



STEP 2 is to connect a Sheet, where all customer information regarding the delivery (name, surname, order, address) is summarized.

So that I can automate the shipment and let it done by a third party company.


PS: I have the Advanced Commerce plan, so I imagined doing this with an API key.

Any help appreciated.


Thanks everyone,



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With the Advanced Commerce Plan, Squarespace allows you to read and write stock levels for your physical inventory using the Products API, so in theory it should be possible to use a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool like Parabola or Integromat to do this.

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