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Updating blog items: "Couldn't update item: Check each section to make sure all field requirements are met"

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Site URL: https://www.championsmojo.com

EDIT: to add that this issue only seems to happen when I use the search function to find a blog post in the blog control panel. 

I'm updating some blog posts for a podcast website. I get the error message below every time I try to make any updates on the settings window of the individual blog post (adding photo, adding tags, or anything.) Sometimes after hitting 'cancel' and then 'discard' the changes will stick, other times they will not. 



Quick research doesn't yield any previous forum posts on this issue.

While I have custom code all over the site I can't imagine any of it would cause this issue. Have I done something to break the blog or is this a Squarespace-end issue? 

Thanks in advance for any help.


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When you say custom code is it all CSS or do you have some Javascript?

Perhaps this is a temporary Squarespace issue?

Hello I'm Thomas. I've been getting websites up and running for 26 years. I want to help you at whatever level meets your needs, from as little (if you're a DIYer) to as much as you need.

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Same thing happening to me. The issue only seems to happen when I search for a particular post. then try to add a thumbnail image in the Options section. I get the error, so I Cancel and Discard Changes, then refresh my page and the image is there. A little bug?

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