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Digital Products: Multiple Add To Cart buttons/Variants?

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Site URL: https://www.kctracks.com/

Greetings!  I have done a fair amount of custom CSS (~400 lines) and code injection on my new website without having to post here but I really would love some help now.

After all the time and effort I have put into building my site through Squarespace, and the experience being overall wonderful, I was devastated to find out that you cannot add variants on digital products.  That is all I will sell so this is very frustrating.

So, I'm looking for a workaround.  On any given product details page, can we:

1.  Use a Button Block button in the Additional Details tab to mimic the true built-in Add To Cart button, but reference a different product that is hidden from the store?  In other words: the main Add To Cart button will add the product the user is viewing to the cart as intended. The second added Button Block button will be below, but its clickthrough link actually activates an Add To Cart script/procedure taken from a different product's page.


2.  Force a variant dropdown to show up, and use the links in that dropdown to redirect the user to the necessary product details page which will have the proper product Add To Cart button.


Another more elegant workaround that I have not even thought of?

Thank you so much in advance for helping.  I hope this is not to complicated of a request.

My site is https://www.kctracks.com/ and until (if) I decide to purchase my plan, the password is kctracks.

EDIT:  So I have figured out one can add Product Blocks to a separate product's Additional Details section.  I have the Product Block only showing an Add To Cart button.  It's a tad clunky but it's a workaround.  If there's an even better way, I'm all ears!


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