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Should Squarespace 7.1 bring back the template name to the Help Centre?

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Site URL: https://bell-platinum-5353.squarespace.com/

ORIGINAL POST: I forgot the name of the template I'm currently using for my site and I can't find anywhere that tells me what template is being used. Other forums tell me Squarespace 7 used to list the current template name in the Help Centre but in Squarespace 7.1 it doesn't show you anything. Some people suggested to find the template Id and search for it on Google, but I couldn't find any match for the template Id 5c5a519771c10ba3470d8101 which is what I'm currently using. 

Is there any other place where I can find the template name? It seems like such a basic thing so I don't understand any reason why it's so difficult to find. So frustrating! 

UPDATE: I found this page saying Squarespace 7.1 doesn't show you the name of your template and that this was done on purpose. What is the point of this? Do I now have to start a new website from scratch just because I forgot my template name? Am I correct in understanding that unless you write down what template you choose, there will be nowhere for you to go back to and recall your template name? I don't want to change my template. All I want to do is remember what template I chose! Why is it so difficult to find out? https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005308187?_ga=2.102246087.792429969.1600141347-834352361.1599547362&_gac=1.217269988.1600217318.CjwKCAjwzIH7BRAbEiwAoDxxTnV1p1I11bq5OfoYV50W5Kwk_r0leRk0YRAHWOPFKWmZ8rf-dcBoUhoCkqsQAvD_BwE 

NEW UPDATE: I figured out the name was Brower. Lucky I haven't customised my blog yet. I still have the stock standard blog. I had to click through all the Squarespace templates looking for one that had the exact same blog posts as mine. This was an incredibly arduous process to go through for something as simple as a template name.

I would seriously recommend to the Squarespace developers that the template name be displayed in the Help Centre again. This would have saved me so much time! 

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That's because 7.1 kind of is the master template. The examples you start with are all just various iterations of the same code base - they're not distinct templates - as opposed to 7.0 which featured a number of different ones (which made the template name/family so important). I agree that Squarespace should make this clearer.

The template name is now redundant for two reasons. First, 7.1 allows you to achieve the layout and look of all of the starter websites, regardless of which one you start with. Blog layout, colours, fonts, everything. The second is that 7.1 doesn't allow you to switch templates - the master template base makes this an unnecessary feature.

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