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Site URL: https://yigal-shtayim.squarespace.com/


I know that this question has cropped up here and there on the forum but I have not yet seen a solution or a definitive answer as to whether this is even an option using custom CSS code.

Here goes: 

I am working on a site right now and would like it if you could zoom-in from the lightbox. Ideally this would be a -/+ with a slider bar on the button that would allow someone to pan around... Here is an example: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/katarina-riesing-cardi

It would really stink if I had to move everything over to Artsy just for this function (it's a big deal for these paintings!) especially after I have spent all this time on Squarespace building the site. 

Can anyone help? 

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An update. 

And in case someone else wants to have some sort of Zoom in function and a Lightbox... hopefully this can help them. 

So. I removed the Gallery and made a Product page. This allows for zoom in on hover in addition to having a Lightbox.  

I used the following code in the Custom CSS section to strip the Product from it. 

//hides quantity
.product-quantity-input {
 display:none !important;
/* Hide the price */
.product-price {display: none !important;}
//display full image size
body#collection-5d7ad0f223f3d9618c6cb1cb .ProductList-image {
    width: 100% !important;
    height: auto !important;
    top: 0 !important;


I am still working on this... it will probably change and while I might not post an update to this update I wanted to at least give an update and possible work around. 


I hope this is helpful to someone in the future. 

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