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Redeem gift cards


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Site URL: https://www.juditdayspa.com/gift-cards

Hello, I have the "business" plan set up for this website so I can sell electronic gift cards. They are the only product sold in the online store and are to be used in person, in the beauty salon, for a service or a product. I'm trying to figure out how to keep a good track of them. I did a test purchase and the gift recipient only receives the gift card code number in the downloadable pdf. I can look into the orders but I only can view the order number and the buyer info but since the buyer and recipient of the gift card don't match, how can I review and redeem gift cards? 

I understand you can redeem a gift card using the Commerce App but it's only compatible with phones and tablets. Is there a way to do this on a desktop? Am I missing something?

Also on the emailed gift card, it says "redeem at: www.juditdayspa.com" but since the shop only holds gift cards, can it just say "redeem at: Judit Day Spa" ? If so, how do I make that change?

I'm relatively new at this so thank you for your patience. The help is greatly appreciated!


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1 hour ago, creedon said:

There is a conversation happening in another thread that you may want to tune into. I don't know if there is an answer there but it's worth a look.


Thanks you! And yes there is no answer yet, but I will be very happy if an answer comes by soon.😁

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