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Font help please

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Site URL: http://www.edbrownphotography.co.uk

Hi everyone, I am really hoping someone can help me. Over the years our website [me and victoria] have pretty much ourselves and with the help of squarespace designers made our squarespace our own [squarespace 7.0] we have recently set up a 2nd brand www.lovelycreatures.co.uk on 7.1 and it is just so much cleaner but we are scared to remake the Ed Brown website on 7.1 as it weirdly rankss really well. My question is would someone be able to spare some time to help me get our typography into gear, i for some reason have managed to change some settings but the fonts are all over the place, id really love some help getting the right sizing etc as our new website is so much nicer than our old site www.edbrownphotography.co.uk - so in short please can someone help me to get the fonts all scaled correctly for web and mobile please - thanks so much

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