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Custom js Cookie Banner blocks Navigation bar


Site URL: https://www.homeofficeshop.com/

Hello there,

to comply with GDPR we need to use our own cookie Banner.

The Code and banner is provided by our 3rd party data privacy provider.

<script id='BBCookieConsentRur' type='text/javascript' data-bbcid='a2b25d5b-e335-4937-acde-da663463e670' src='https://2badvice-cdn.azureedge.net/psf/js/bb-manager.js'></script>

Now the big question ... where to put the code ideally?

I've tried it through settings>code injection for the header:

Problem with the header injection is, that the navigation bar disappeares. The banner itself is displayed, but there is no way to navigate our shop now.

Injection in the footer:

The banner is displayed, navigation works but ... the cookies are not blocked anymore. That's how I've set it up for now, but it is 100% not GDPR conform...


Is there any other way to inject above shown code or how do I fix the navigation bar problem?

Attached screenshot of header injection problem.


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Try insert to Code Injection Header, then we will check navigation issue

You can send your question to my email to get faster answer. / How to Setup Password & Share URL 

-- I'm Tuan. I work for a non-profit project (build free libraries). I check the forum once or twice a day to help out the community. If you don't see me answering your question, you can send it to the email above. There are so many questions every day so I can't answer them all at once, I will try to answer them in the next few days.

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